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Bafa and Em by Imnurhest
Bafa and Em
A little picture of Em and Bafa (belongs to :iconbafa: ) interacting. They get along well enough, seeing how one is a crazy fox and the other is a lazy, laid back dog.
Sprint Dragon by Imnurhest
Sprint Dragon
For my newest friend, :iconbafa:

I'm pleased with how the colours turned out. Purple and green look so lovely blended together ...
Lepper by Imnurhest
Name: Lepper

Age: Unknown -- seems young

Gender: Male

Height: 6'0

Weight: 180 lbs

Species: Unknown

Species Info: Not much is known about his species. He's classified as a specialist vampire; instead of drinking blood, he bites off human heads to sustain himself. His teeth and jaws are strong enough to crunch down a human skull without problems. Without a tongue, he has to deep throat the victim's head in order to swallow.

Walking/Running Position: Mostly bipedal, will run on all fours for top speed

Talks?: No. Due to having no tongue, he cannot form words.

Weapons: Strength, teeth, claws

Other: He's a silent stalker. If he makes any noise, it's because he's pissed off. Destruction will follow. His species might be rare, have vast expanses of territory, or might be nomads, as they're very scarce.

Personality: Mostly stoic. Goes berserk when angry. Possibly a psychopath.

Relationships: Appears to be asexual. Tends to smell muskier and act more flirtatious towards female humans during certain times of the year, hinting that he might be sexually active. It's possible that he could have sired a few offspring of his own, but that remains to be tested.

Sexual Function: Nobody knows what's hidden in this specie's pants. They're clothed almost all the time.

Species' Courtship Rituals:
Not much is known about the courtship rituals of this species, but it supposedly has been witnessed once. The witness described it as a staring contest at first, then the two creatures pulled off elaborate attacks that looked like dancing. Then, without even taking their clothes off, they engaged in coitus. They were very furtive about this, as they made sure they weren't showing any "skin". Coitus was punctuated with heavy panting, and roars when they both climaxed. Once that was done, they showed a small moment of affection by rubbing their faces together similar to cats before departing. They met up again in an hour to do it all over again, similar to the way lions mate every 20 minutes when their females are in heat. It's assumed the females of Lepper's species raise their children on their own.

Can You "Date" Him?
Possibly, but your chances are slim. Your best bet is to wait until spring to approach him, if you can find him. Be careful, and try not to look or smell appetizing. If you can find a human brain, offer it to him. Simulate the courtship ritual by standing a few feet away and initiate a staring contest. Try not to blink. If you're successful, he'll attack you in a playful fashion within a minute. If he continues to stand there, he might not understand your intentions. If this is the case, attack him, but don't try to hurt him badly. He should understand then.

Be sure that it's sex you want if invoke this ritual, because that's exactly what's going to happen next. You have to fight for dominance if you want to take the lead, otherwise he will.

Once your lusty bout has ended, he'll give you a little nuzzle before leaving if he considers you one of his mates. Don't go after him right away. It takes an hour for his species to recharge after mating, so anyone lingering around during that time is considered food to restore their energy. If he liked your company, he'll come back for you again every hour until either one of you needs to sleep. If not, again, don't go looking for him, unless you want to be eaten.

Note: He'll keep coming back for you until you deny him. Be aggressive when you do this so he knows for sure. His species tend to mate until the female is pregnant and violently tells off her partner, so if you drive him away you'll have to start the mating ritual over if you want to get intimate again.
Sappho by Imnurhest
Name: Sappho

Age: 60 (27 in human years)

Gender: Female

Height: 7.8 ft

Weight: 6600 lbs

Species: Giant Cave dragon

Species Info: Type of cave dragon. Domesticated breeds descended from Sappho's species are noted for their strength and weight.

Talks?: Yes, telepathically.

Weapons: Strength, weight, tail, teeth, claws, fire breath

Fire: White flames, hot enough to melt boulders half her size. Can be shot up to fifty feet, 60 mph at most forceful blasts.

Other: Like many cave-dwelling creatures, Sappho is fiercely protective of her home, and for a good reason. Her cave is host to iron ores, and is subsequently part of her diet.

Personality: Stubborn, and very territorial. Maternal instincts to protect her young are particularly strong, even from the ones closest to her.

Sexuality: Homosexual, but will allow herself to be briefly mounted by a male donor for reproduction.

Relationships: None yet, although she and a nearby younger male have a sort of truce for reproductive purposes.



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Great gallery you've got over here!!! I will browse through it thoroughly later when I'll have more time! :D I'm lovin' your dragons, lions and epic characters!!!
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